Established in 1950 by Mr. B L Nirula at Allahabad (U.P), Allahabad Law Agency is a leading national legal publisher in India. Guided by the principles laid down by the founders – principles of commitment, perseverance and passion, we have created, curated and printed a wide range of legal works, authored by highly qualified and respected members of the Indian academia, the Bar and the Bench. For instance, our authors include eminent personalities of law like Dr. Paras Diwan, Dr.R. K. Bangia, Dr.B. N. M. Tripathi, Dr.M.P. Tandon, Dr.S.R. Myneni, Dr.K. Rai, Dr.Narender Kumar, Dr.P. S. Jaswal,Dr.Krishna Pal Malik,Dr.H.N Tewari among others.

We have a special focus on law books that meet the needs of students and help them develop a functional appreciation of application of law. We pride ourselves in our constant efforts to explore new important topics, and to update and improve our present work in its content, presentation and relevancy. Allahabad Law Agency was amongst the first to produce quality content on topics like Right to Education,Right to information,Sexual Harrasmet At Workplace,Legal Essays,Environmental Law, Cyber Law and others, even before the subjects were part of the law school curriculum.

We also offer legal works for the layperson, to enable better understanding of the law, procedures and applications. These books, penned by experts in a simple-yet-comprehensive manner, are a significant value-addition for people from non-legal backgrounds. We are actively working to expand this range.

Our consistency in content, quality for value as well commitment to constant improvement over the past seven decades, has helped create faith, admiration and loyalty from law students, practitioners and academicians.

We regularly update our books and make the latest relevant information available to law students and academicians. Our books meet the syllabus requirements of the many renowned universities and thus, are read and prescribed all over the country. We regularly participate in seminars, book fairs (Indian and International), student conferences, etc. We also welcome the feedback of students and academicians for improving our books and meeting their needs.

Our strength

  • Best content and quality at reasonable prices
  • Continuous research & development for frequent updates
  • Expert authorship
  • Countrywide availability
  • Modern infrastructure for quality products


We believe that education is meaningless if it lacks quality. Therefore, we publish only quality books and make them available at affordable prices, especially for students. It is our endeavor to consistently deliver error-free and pertinent original works. The books are written in an easy-to-understand language with coherent arrangement to promote understanding of concepts and issues. We do not encourage plagiarism and deal with such matters strictly. Good quality paper, durable binding and attractive cover designs of our books enhance the reading experience.

Further, our panel of experts continuously monitors and updates the content, mindful to incorporate regular feedback of students and academicians for improvement of the books.


We utilize state-of-the-art infrastructure to print our books. We also have a capacious warehouse for storage of inventory. Thus, we have the capacity to print large quantities of books and for their safe handling and storage. We also have a wide network for promotion and distribution spread across the length and breadth of the nation.

Further, we undertake all possible measure to build and maintain a special relationship with booksellers, libraries and law colleges all over the country.

Our Authors

Some of our authors are well known luminaries in their fields, with in-depth knowledge and experience, like Dr. Paras Diwan, R. K Bangia, B. N. M. Tripathi, M.P. Tandon, Narender Kumar, among others. We have a history of finding the right talent, nurturing and developing it so that the best possible content is made available to the law community for future education.

Invitation to authors

Allahabad Law Agency is a well known name in the field of law book publishing. We publish law books, catering to latest syllabi of various Indian universities as well as to needs of new legal practitioners. We have a panel of well-known authors and academicians who strive to continuously provide quality knowledge to students and newcomers. Writing for Allahabad Law Agency is an opportunity for authors and academicians to develop their potential and also, benefit from access to a large and committed readership, not limited to well-respected universities. We also provide the best terms and conditions in the industry as well as a supportive environment to ensure productive evolution of the manuscript. We already have a wide supply and distribution network across the country. This ensures promotion of your work and an instant readership.

Authors, academicians and lawyers who either have a manuscript ready or have a book proposal can contact us by phone, email or post.